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A story of faith



Before skin care became big business. Before Corporations made billions, my people discovered the secrets to great skin and a happy spirit where mother nature, hope and a good song was all we had to get through tremulous times. Today our exfoliants and moisturizers are still forged in the earth and for our spirits ...we keep on having Faith & Whistle.


Faith & Whistle is a natural handmade candle and skin care line that offers an array of products for the whole family. Providing safe products with natural ingredients families like mine can afford, pronounce and understand. This line has products and services which stimulates and increases positivity, natural energy, soothing aromas, wellness, well-being and an overall sense of self love as well as improve the overall lifestyles of our customers... by Inspiring & educating them about the benefits of the natural hand crafted products and how they affect the mind, body and soul.

Faith and whistle’s mission is to create and provide natural skin care and wellness products designed to improve the skin and enhance self-love, self-pampering and self-awareness

meet Tamor

Faith & Whistle was founded by Me!...Tamor, I'm honoured with the privilege to have Peter "PJ" call me Mom. I'm an Entrepreneur who whips up and hand pours all the ingredients in my kitchen. Being born in Jamaica and migrating to Brooklyn, New York at the age of 10 and living with my single mother who had 2 jobs, 3 children and no time to pamper or “take care” of herself inspired me to create products and services to help in your journey in reclaiming energy and  time.


The name originated from a mashup of words that captured the standpoint of how I was raised which was “have faith”, “God won’t give you more than you can manage and “women weren’t supposed to whistle”. Growing up I always wanted my mother to pamper herself .. she was “too busy” and we didn’t waste money on things to make us feel good let alone “organic” or natural products. I vowed to myself that I need to help women like her reclaim their energy and time without having to sacrifice between necessities for the family or pampering them.

My inspiration came from all the hard working women and men in my life who had to make that choice. This line was created to pamper every family member from all ages and walks of life.Whether you need to burn an “After Work Vybz” Candle or scrub the week away with the “Renewal Scrub”, this line has products for everyone!



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